Back on its golden hinges the gate of Memory swings, and my heart goes into the garden and walks with the olden things. - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

As you enter IIT Kanpur campus, you are flooded with memories of what it used to be – your home away from home. A home built with bricks of learning, growth, happiness and friendship. A home, where you sat and pondered over your present and planned your future. A home, where you extended a helping hand to a friend in need. A home, where lifelong friendships were formed. A home, where you nurtured your dreams. Hostel, canteen and lecture halls – they all belonged to you. You think, if only these bricks could talk. Some familiar and some unfamiliar surroundings mesmerize you. What it used to be and what it is now. How your home has expanded and grown over the years! And you think, once again, it is here you started a journey of self - discovery.

Why come home?

  • Reconnect with old friends – Reunion gives you a chance to meet friends you haven’t seen in years. It is an opportunity for you to come back and meet old friends, and some professors. It is a good occasion to talk about your memories, and see how your alma mater has grown since you left. It gives you a chance to go back where it all started, and appreciate how far you have come.
  • Giving Back – Reunions also give you an opportunity to give back to your alma mater. You could contribute to a particular initiative or a social cause.
  • Show your Alma mater pride – taking pride in talking about the role your alma mater played in shaping your personality and future to current students and faculty, makes them feel they are part of something special. It also gives you reassurance why you chose this institute.
  • Network – Interaction with current students and faculty, gives them a chance to gain from your life and work experiences. Networking leads to possible internships and maybe even job opportunities for students.
  • Create new memories – by participating in and enjoying the activities of your reunion with your batch -/class-mates, you create new memories. Take pictures, take videos as these will not be forgotten and will provide everyone with another reason to come back next year.